Geologie und Hydrogeologie der Alpen



Jahresthema 2017


Geologie und Hydrogeologie der Alpen

May 25th, 2017

Stonebreaker Party and Poster session

2–3 pm ​Opening and poster session
3–4 pm Coffee break
4–5.30 pm ​Presentation of the posters: chairman Prof. Alberto Clerici

5.30–6 pm ​Voting for the best poster by the audience
6–8 pm​ Announcement of the first place and Stonebreaker Party with buffet

May 26th, 2017


Simultaneous translation ITA-DEU / DEU-ITA will be available.

8–8.30 am Registration
8.30–9 am Welcome Address

Geology Session – chairman: Volkmar Mair

9–9.30 am

Giorgio Pennacchioni (Dip. di Geoscienze, Univ. di Padova) and Neil S. Mancktelow (Geologisches Institut, ETH Zürich)

​Prolonged Alpine history of deformation and fluid-rock interaction in the Tauern meta-granitoids during exhumation and cooling. (ENG)

9.30–9.50 am

Hannah Pomella, Thomas Klotz, Martin Reiser and Bernhard Fügenschuh (Inst. für Geologie, Uni. Innsbruck) ​The Periadriatic fault system: review of the latest research developments. (DEU)

9.50–10.10 am

Gianluca Piccin, Tommaso Trentini (Dolomiti Project srl, Feltre), Matteo Massironi and Ludovica Crocitto (Dip. di Geoscienze, Univ. di Padova) ​Strike–slip induced cold core complexes in Western Carnic Alps. (ITA)

10.10-10.30 am

Stefano Zanchetta, Andrea Zanchi (Dip. di Scienze dell’Ambiente e della Terra, Univ. di Milano Bicocca), Stefano Poli (Dip. di Scienze della Terra, Univ. di Milano), Volkmar Mair and Giovanni Bove (Ufficio Geologia e Prove Materiali, Prov. Aut. di Bolzano) Tectonometamorphic evolution, tectonic coupling and exhumation history of the Ötztal, Schneeberg and Texel unit (Eastern Alps, NE Italy). (ITA)


am Award for the best poster (audience vote) and coffee break

11.30-11.50 am ​

Diethard Sanders, Hugo Ortner, Hannah Pomella and Marc Ostermann (Inst. für Geologie, Uni. Innsbruck) Stratigraphic architecture, deformation, and modification of Quaternary talus subject to faulting and climatic change, Central Apennines. (DEU)

11.50-12.10 am

Corrado Morelli and Maurizio Cucato (Ufficio Geologia e Prove Materiali, Prov. Aut. di Bolzano) Evidence of Pleistocene tectonics from Pusteria Valley (South Tirol, Italy). (ITA)

12.10–12.30 am

Alfio Viganò (Servizio Geologico, Prov. Aut. di Trento), Silvana Martin (Dip. di Geo­scienze, Univ. di Padova), Simone Tumiati (Dip. di Scienze della Terra, Univ. di Milano), Stefano Zanchetta, Andrea Zanchi (Dip. di Scienze Ambiente e Territorio e Scienze della Terra, Univ. di Milano Bicocca) and Giacomo Prosser (Dip. di Scienze, Univ. della Basilicata) Melting or thermal decomposition of carbonate during earthquake slip? Multiple geological evidence along natural faults of the Southern Alps (Italy). (ITA)

12.30 am–2 pm Lunch

Hydrogeology Sessionchairman: Ulrich Burger

2–2.30 pm

Bernd Frieg (Nagra, Wettingen-Schweiz) ​Characterisation and conceptualisation of hydraulic fractures and upscaling. (ENG)

2.30–2.50 pm

Gerfried Winkler (Inst. für Erdwissenschaften, Uni. Graz)

Hydraulic characterization of fault (core) zones – examples at laboratory and regional scale from the Semmering area, Austria. (DEU)

2.50–3.10 pm Alessandro Baietto and Paolo Perello (GDP consultants, Torino) Groundwater flow along fault zones in crystalline rocks: insights from numerical modelling for tunneling projects. (ITA)

3.10–3.30 pm Giorgio Höfer-Öllinger (GEORESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft, Wals bei Salzburg), Michael Schneider, Lilly Aufdembrinke and Erik Buske (Arbeitsgruppe Hydrogeologie, Freie Universität Berlin) ​Hydrogeology of Torrener Joch Fault Zone. (DEU)

3.30–4.10 pm Break

4.10–4.30 pm

Walter Frei (GeoExpert, Embrach-Schweiz) and Rainier Arndt (SV Geophysik, Wien) The detection of regional and local faults using the techniques for deriving seismic P- and S-wave velocity fields. (DEU)

4.30–4.50 pm

Thomas Marcher (Skava Consulting ZT-GmbH, Innsbruck) The significans of geological and hydrogeological detailed models of fault zones for the geomechanical design of tunnels. (DEU)

4.50 – 5 pm ​Organizational issues about the field trip

5 pm After work beer

May 27th, 2017

Field trip

9 am–6 pm Field trip along the Periadriatic lineament

Morning Stefano Zanchetta & Andrea Zanchi

The Periadriatic lineament to the west of Isarco valley (Merano-Mules fault)

Afternoon Rainer Brandner

The Periadriatic lineament and the „Maulser Trias“ in the Maulserbach area (Pustertal fault)

Credits for geologists are available.

Scientific advisory council

Prof. Giuseppe Bargossi University of Bologna
Prof. Alberto Clerici University of Brescia
Prof. Bernhard Fügenschuh University of Innsbruck
Prof. Luka Gale University of Ljubljana
Prof. Piero Gianolla Unesco Dolomites Foundation
Dr. Evelyn Kustatscher Museum of Nature South Tyrol
Prof. Stefano Poli University of Milano Dr. Lorenz San Nicolò professional hydrogeologist
Prof. Michael Schneider University of Berlin
Prof. Kurosch Thuro TUM University of Monaco
Prof. Andrea Zanchi University of Milano Bicocca
Prof. Christian Zangerl University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna


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Es wird ersucht, Beiträge zur Geologie und Hydrogeologie von Störungszonen in Form von Postern auszuarbeiten und auszustellen. Die Abstracts sind bis zum 30. April 2017 an zu übermitteln.
Die Poster können am 25.05.2017 im Zuge einer Poster-Session den Teilnehmern präsentiert werden. Zudem bleiben die Poster während der Tagung für das Publikum zugänglich.

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